Andy Bean is the Composer and Vocalist for Wander Over Yonder. He is one half of The Two Man Gentlemen Band, the other half being Fuller Condon.


Andy Bean along with Fuller Condon began as a full-time busking act in New York City's Central Park in 2005. They released their first album "The Two Gentlemen Band" that same year. The Gentlemen went on their first tour in 2007 and have toured throughout America, United Kingdom and Europe.

In 2013, Andy Bean became the music composer for Wander Over Yonder. The main title theme song for the series is performed by The Two Man Gentlemen Band. In that same year Andy Bean was nominated for an Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music for his work in Wander Over Yonder.


Episodes he wrote

Season 2

  • The Black Cube (Story)
  • My Fair Hatey

Episodes he produced music for

Season 1

  • Wander Over Yonder End Title Theme - The Little Guy (Animatic)
  • Mother And Child Y'all - The Egg
  • My Best Buddy - The Pet
  • Lord Hater's Theme
  • What's In The Box? - The Box
  • Ride Sylvia Ride - The Hat
  • The Tale Of Brad Starlight - The Hero (Animatic)
  • Your Happy Birthday Song - The Birthday Boy (Animatic)
  • Here Comes Wander Now - The Nice Guy
  • Thunder Blazz Jingle - The Nice Guy
  • Take It Easy, Sylvia - The Time Bomb
  • Dance Competition - The Party Animal
  • A Night To Remember - The Date
  • Bein' Evil Is Good - The Funk
  • Hidin' And Seekin' - The Enemies

Season 2

  • This Guy's The Real Deal - The Greater Hater
  • Dominator's Theme - The Greater Hater
  • I'm Being Mauled By A Squirrel - The Breakfast
  • Hater Makes It Better - The Fremergency Fronfract
  • Wander And Hater's Big Goodbye - The Fremergency Fronfract
  • The Boy Wander Score - The Boy Wander
  • Emperor Awesome's Lair - The Boy Wander
  • The Commander's Last Command - The Axe
  • Mandrake's Evil Jam - The Loose Screw
  • Starbella's Fight Theme - The Loose Screw
  • The Jellyfish Migration - The Catastrophe
  • The Black Cube Score - The Black Cube
  • Ask Her A Question - My Fair Hatey
  • That's How We'll Get Her - My Fair Hatey
  • Let's All Go Meet Dominator - My Fair Hatey
  • You're The Greatest - My Fair Hatey
  • I'm The Bad Guy - My Fair Hatey
  • My Fair Hatey - My Fair Hatey
  • You're The Greatest (Reprise) - My Fair Hatey
  • Theme From The Flower - The Flower

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Soundcloud: Andy-Bean-7

Twitter: AndyBeanMusic

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