Ben Joseph was a Storywriter for Wander Over Yonder. Previous titles he has worked on include College Humor, The Simpsons, MAD and The Jack and Triumph Show.

Personal Life

Ben grew up racing sailboats on the Chesapeake Bay. He used to have a collection of comics and Disney VHS's when he was a child. His big influences as a child were Steven King, Dave Barry, and George Lucas.

Ben is a fan of the show Rick and Morty. [1]


Ben's first jobs in the animation industry were doing a rotation on the CN Sketchshow MAD and writing Flash shorts for

When he was 23 a Cartoon Network Executive names Khaki Jones had seen a post of his on Collegehumor and reached out to him. She later moved on to Disney and knowing that Ben was a hug Craig McCracken fan, brought him in to work on Wander Over Yonder.

Ben has also written an episode for The Simpsons.


Episodes he wrote

Season 1

  • The Picnic
  • The Greatest
  • The Egg (Story)
  • The Fugitives (Story)
  • The Good Deed (Story)
  • The Pet
  • The Prisoner (Story)
  • The Bad Guy
  • The Troll (Story)
  • The Box (Story)
  • The Hat (Story)
  • The Little Guy
  • The Ball
  • The Bounty (Story)
  • The Hero
  • The Birthday Boy
  • The Nice Guy
  • The Time Bomb (Story)
  • The Tourist (Story)
  • The Day
  • The Night
  • The Lonely Planet (Story)
  • The Brainstorm
  • The Toddler (Story)
  • The Fancy Party (Story)
  • The Epic Quest Of unfathomable Difficulty!!! (Story)
  • The Void
  • The Party Animal (Story)
  • The Gift 2: The Giftening (Story)
  • The Date (Story)
  • The Buddies
  • The Liar (Story)
  • The Stray
  • The Big Job (Story)
  • The Helper (Story)
  • The Funk
  • The Enemies
  • The Rider
  • The Gift (Story)

Season 2

  • The Greater Hater
  • The Big Day
  • The Fremergency Fronfract (Story)
  • The New Toy
  • The Cartoon

Social Media

Tumblr: Benjoseph