Francisco (Frank) Angones is the Story Editor and Writer of Wander Over Yonder. He is Amy Higgin's writing partner. Frank has also worked on Mutual Friends, Austin and Ally and Men At Work.


Episodes he wrote

Season 1

  • The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!
  • The Gift 2: The Giftening
  • The Date
  • The Liar
  • The Big Job (Story)
  • The Helper (Story)
  • The Rider
  • The Gift

Season 2

  • The Greater Hater
  • The Breakfast (Story)
  • The Big Day (Story)
  • The Fremergency Fronfract
  • The Boy Wander
  • The Wanders (Story)
  • The Axe (Story)
  • The Loose Screw (Story)
  • The It
  • The Catastrophe (Story)
  • The Rager (Story)
  • The Good Bad Guy (Story)
  • The Battle Royale
  • The Matchmaker (Story)
  • The New Toy (Story)
  • The Black Cube
  • The Eye On The Skullship (Story)
  • The Secret Planet (Story)
  • The Bad Hatter (Story)
  • The Hole... Lotta Nuthin' (Story)
  • The Show Stopper (Story)
  • The Cartoon (Story)
  • The Bot (Story)
  • The Family Reunion (Story)
  • The Rival (Story)
  • My Fair Hatey
  • The Legend (Story)
  • The Bad Neighbors
  • The Party Poopers (Story)
  • The Waste Of Time (Story)
  • The Hotshot
  • The Night Out (Story)
  • The Search For Captain Tim
  • The Heebie Jeebies (Story)
  • The Sick Day (Story)
  • The Sky Guy
  • The Robomechabotatron (Story)
  • The Flower (Story)
  • The End Of The Galaxy

Social Media

Tumblr: Suspendersofdisbelief

Twitter: FrankAngones