Frank Angones has been answering fans' questions (very vaguely) on his Tumblr account: Suspendersofdisbelief regarding the plot of the third season. He and the rest of the crew refuse to give out too much information in case they do get the chance to use their ideas if Disney grants them a third season. These hints can serve as inspiration to keep fighting for a third season to see them play out in full.

The Hints

A New Threat

Did you all have a main third villain or some sort of threat planned for season three?

Frank Angones: "The main arc of season 3 was centered around the arrival of a new danger that was even more of a threat than Dominator, meant to challenge Wander in every possible way.  Season 2 was all about a bully showing up.  Season 3 was about something worse than a bully."[1]

Are you saying that there was gonna be a villain who was more of a threat than Dominator in season 3?

Frank Angones: "I said threat. I never said villain."[2]

There was going to be a threat on a totally different level? But when one villain was after galactic domination, and the other after galactic destruction AND the demise of the heroes, where do you go from there?

Frank Angones: "There are fates worse than galactic destruction."[3]

About the danger for Season 3, it was a single danger or a plural one?

Frank Angones: "Three new mains were to be introduced."[4]

The Main Characters

Were the scenes with Hater and Sylvia going to be followed up on in season three? Like friendship building?

Frank Angones: "We loved the main four bouncing off each other in The Robomechabotatron so much that we had a way to stick them all together for a lot of Season 3."[5]

Lord Dominator

What is the probability that Dominator will appear in season 3?

Frank Angones: "If it did come back, she’d be in it.  In fact the first shot we talked about picks up with her directly after the season 2 finale."[6]

If Dominator built her ship and everything, would she have come back with everything in season 3 (or close to it)? Or would she still just be in that little bubble or stranded on some planet wherever the bubble wound up popping?

Frank Angones: "The plan was for Season 3 to pick up with Dominator still orbbling through space and then something happens and it goes from there."[7]

What would have happened to Dominator if she had accepted Wander's friendship?

Frank Angones: "She wouldn’t have. She’s not ready. Yet."[8]

How do you think Dominator is chilling post-finale right about now?

Frank Angones: "I know exactly what happened to her next.  She is decidedly NOT chilling."[9]

What about the idea that Dominator is really lonely? It sounded like she was intended to be a straight forward villain with no chance of redemption. The menace is there...but then why the loneliness bit? Is there a backstory to her?

Frank Angones: "You don’t need some epic, tragic backstory to be lonely. In fact, a lot of the details we had about her past were decidedly not tragic. I don’t want to go into further detail in case we ever get the chance to revisit her. A lot about her evolved as we wrote the season, but that was always a part of her."[10]


Did the civil war stop when Wander stole the magic hat? Did the generals try to look for it?

Frank Angones: "I like to imagine a season 3 ep where the generals put aside their differences and teamed up to hunt down Wander."[11]

Did the cancellation change any plans you had for the story in season 2? Did you avoid starting any ideas for story or character arcs that wouldn't have been satisfactorily resolved by the end of the season? Or bring forward some things so that it could?

Frank Angones: "Unfortunately, writing was wrapped on S2 five months before we received word of the cancellation, so we didn’t really have the opportunity to adjust stories. (Had we known, there are DEFINITELY a few things we would have done differently. We were pretty dang confident we were getting a season 3, so we left some plot lines kinda open, but nothing too big.) We also held off on telling some MAJOR stories for all four of our mains to have somewhere to go. Season two was a lot about testing Hater; three would have been about testing Wander in a really cool way."[12]


Are you guys planning for the return of Sylvia's family? Or more backstory on Sylvia and her childhood?

Frank Angones: "We’d probably bring them back, but I think you can infer most of her backstory from what we’ve already seen."[13]

If there was a 3rd season, would there have been yet another episode where Sylvia is present and Wander is completely absent?

Frank Angones: "Absolutely."[14]

Lord Hater

Biologically speaking, how old is Hater?

Frank Angones: "Spoilers."[15]

Was Hater's reputation going to change in any way in season 3, after he saved the galaxy?

Frank Angones: "Yes and No."[16]

Were the events in season 2 supposed to have repercussions in season 3?

Frank Angones: "Season 3 would pay off stuff from both one and two, dealing with both who Hater was at the top of the show and who he had become after saving the galaxy and how he dealt with that."[17]

Commander Peepers

If Hater was reformed would Commander Peepers follow Hater? Or would he stay evil?

Frank Angones: "Cannot answer in case we get back to it. We had something planned."[18]

As the show went on and other villains and Dominator were introduced, Peepers ended up playing the hero more often. Yes for conquering reasons but still. Yet from early early days it's always been stated that Peepers is more villainous than Hater. Had the show gone on, would we ever see anything come from that?

Frank Angones: "Most definitely. Peepers had a heck of an arc planned."[19]

What was Peepers' story arc supposed to be like?

Frank Angones: "C. Peeps was going to be tempted by the dark(er) side…"[20]

It's pretty obvious Peepers has a Napoleon complex of some sort but outside from Awesome in The Cool Guy, I don't think it's ever been called out. It's mostly 'show don't tell' with the various head wear and shoes which is really cool. Was that an intentional or conscious choice on the crew's part? And if so why?

Frank Angones: "Absolutely, and a big part of his origin story."[21]

Will we ever know in these final episodes about why Peepers keeps himself separate from the other Watchdogs?

Frank Angones: "Sadly, a lot of that stuff was held off for season 3."[22]

The Watchdogs

In Season 3, did you ever plan to remove someone from a main or minor?

Frank Angones: "There was a surprising status quo change for Barry the Watchdog."[23]

If Peepers and the Watchdogs are native to the galaxy in the series, does that mean their home planet was destroyed? Would we never get to see it?

Frank Angones: "Spoilers."[24]

So Dominator destroyed the Watchdog home planet then? If so, did they all flee to Hater or go elsewhere?

Frank Angones: "Spoilers."[25]

Emperor Awesome

Was Emperor Awesome's mental health going to get better at all in season three?

Frank Angones: "I’m sure we would have brought him back around.  Honestly, Awesome was the focus of probably my third favorite proposed Season 3 ep."[26]

Did you have plans to show Hater's and Awesome's families in season 3?

Frank Angones: "One of those was planned."[27]

So, I picked up somewhere that the reason Dominator didn't maul Awesome is because you're only allowed to kill robots. Did you ever consider a plot device to turn him into one, just to make Noelle (and the rest of us) happy?

Frank Angones: "One of the biggest losses of not getting a Season 3 was the crazy places Awesome was going to go. He was gonna have his ULTIMATE comeuppance in S3. His Dominator PTSD in The Bad Neighbors was just the tip of the iceberg.
Characters like Awesome are a great device to have because you can’t really permanently change the main four or else you risk ruining the show, but he’s just big enough a character that you could mess him up and the impact would still be felt (which is why we “killed” him in The Rival)."[28]

Jeff/Major Threat

Were there any future plans for Major Threat in WOY?

Frank Angones: "Major Threat was going to become a regular, with a few other favorites."[29]

In season 3, would Jeff and Wander have more interaction?

Frank Angones: "Yes."[30]


If you guys did have a season 3, would you consider giving Ripov some more screen time?

Frank Angones: "She was definitely on the aforementioned Writer’s Season 3 Character Draft."[31]

Would Ripov and Beeza have ever interacted in season 3?? How do you think a team up between the two of them would go?

Frank Angones: "There was a lot more “secondary character” interaction planned for S3, mostly because it was so much fun in End of the Galaxy."[32]


Frank Angones: "That was a character called “Monkeyboy” who was going to play a big part in Season 3, yes.  We loved him so much that we wanted him to be a part of the show somehow, so Craig slipped him in there."[33]

What about Monkeyboy?

Frank Angones: "I refuse to divulge any more information about our dear Monkeyboy and what he meant to season three…
…other than the fact that he was connected to more than one of our mains in a major way."[34]

Other Characters

Can you share what was going to happen on season three?

Frank Angones: "Don’t want to share specifics on Season 3, other than to say that we had a plan to highlight the ensemble more.  Part of the problem with hopping from planet to planet all over the galaxy in a show that’s only 11 minutes long at a time is that every time you want to bring someone back, you have to justify their presence.
So in planning for Season 3, we actually held a draft for characters we’d want to bring more to the forefront in the ensemble.  Some of the selections shouldn’t be surprising as they were the most fun to write.  Among them we had plans for Dominator, Demurra and Dracor and their Kids, Awesome, Neckbeard, Mittens, Andy, and, The Black Cube."[35]

In Season 3, would Little Bits have been redeemed and/or given up villainy at some point before the finale?

Frank Angones: "We had a story we almost used for Bits in S2 that I’m tempted to share but kinda want to avoid.  It involved Sylvia going crazy trying to convince a king that his cat was Bits. But it wasn’t."[36]

What happened with Draykor and Demurra's kids?

Frank Angones: "They had an entire episode planned around them in Season 3."[37]

What are the names of Demurra and Draykor's kids?

Frank Angones: "This is way less interesting than who we were gonna get to play them in Season 3."[38]

Now that there were new planets in the galaxy, was that going to be a thing for the other characters?

Frank Angones: "Yes."[39]

Where were the villains in the finale?

Frank Angones: "We had a plan for the villains that involved Suburbon (the planet from The Bad Neighbors) in Season 3, but we didn’t want any of them helping out to step on Hater’s big moments."[40]

New Characters

If you did get a season 3 for the show. Will you plan to introduce new characters?

Frank Angones: "We had planned, at the very least, three new mains for Season 3 and a couple new regulars.[41]


How many seasons did you guys originally planned for Wander Over Yonder to have in total?

Frank Angones: "Three total. S3 had possible endings for all of the mains that we felt were satisfying."[42]

Were there any plans for a season 4 or were you guys just planning on having 3?

Frank Angones: "I think three would have wrapped it all up. We knew where everyone ended up by the end of it and I loved every single one."[43]

Were you guys going to change the intro sequence for season 3 now that the planets are new?

Frank Angones: "We’d talked about it, given the status quo change planned for S3."[44]

Was there any plan for some epic battles or epic moments for season 3, like in "The Battle Royale" or in "The end of the Galaxy?"

Frank Angones: "3 Tentpoles and a two part finale was the plan."[45]

Was there gonna be any future couples in Season 3? Or was it gonna be about Wander Over Yonder's main characters, trying to stop the new threat?

Frank Angones: "Mostly dealing with new circumstances/status quo.  Although there was one new ship that was involved…"[46]

Was season 3 supposed to be as long as S2?

Frank Angones: "That was the pitch, but we had alternate versions of the final story, from a 13 episode final season to a two hour movie to an hour special to a half hour finale.  I keep mentioning that every chance I get; just wish we could wrap it up right."[47]

If WOY goes on, is there an idea for the series' finale already?

Frank Angones: "We had a few ideas for an ultimate finale that I loved a whole lot. Oh well. Maybe some day."[48]

So is the galaxy now full of forest and jungle planets?

Frank Angones: "It’s a big, weird, wild new galaxy!"[49]

Do you think the surviving planet will be a sort of alternative earth? A planet that contains all the cultures of galaxy in one place?

Frank Angones: "You would have really dug season 3."[50]

Did the pirate ship from 'The Waste of Time' have any relation to the "Eleven Pirates" from the old Galactic Villain Leaderboard?

Frank Angones: "So at the top of Season 2, we asked all the writers what their dream episodes would be. Noelle said she’d always really wanted to do a pirate episode.  We thought “Perfect, that’ll be easy!” Then we tried to break the story once…and we couldn’t.  So we pushed it down the line and did The Secret Planet instead. Then it came up again, and again we spent a full day banging our heads against the wall with no progress. So we did The Bot instead.
We tried to figure out a pirate story three separate times and three times we couldn’t find an original angle that worked with our characters.  It became our white whale.
Eventually, Craig pitched the idea that  Wander and Sylvia should meet a crew of Eleven Pirates, and they would spend a full minute greeting each one, and then the cartoon would be over. Unfortunately, but that time, we’d already broken the season.
So imagine how stupefied we were when Craig walked in with that image and said “What if this pirate ship played a big part in Season 3?”
Fun fact: that is not the first time that particular ship has appeared on the show."[51]


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