Levon Jihanian was a Background Designer for Wander Over Yonder. He has also worked on titles such as Over The Garden Wall, Danger Country and The Powerpuff Girls.

Personal Life

Levon was born in Allepo, Syria in 1978.He attended the VFA Art Center College of Design in 2002 and graduated with honors.

Levon Jihanian is obsessed with the future, mopeds, Dungeons and Dragons, monsters, and America. He is working on his first full-length graphic novel. Levon has exhibited in galleries in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Ontario. He has written, drawn, and self-published several comic books including Bitter Disappointment, Ordinary Fieldbook, and Fork Frenzy. [1]



Season 2

  • The Battle Royale
  • The Matchmaker
  • The New Toy
  • The Black Cube
  • The Eye On The Skullship
  • The Family Reunion
  • My Fair Hatey
  • The Party Poopers
  • The Waste Of Time
  • The Hot Shot

Social Media

Tumblr: Forkfrenzy

Twitter: Forkfrenzy

Blogspot: Levonjihanian

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