Wander Over Yonder is an animated comedic science fiction television series created by Craig McCracken. The series ran from August 16, 2013 to June 27, 2016. New episodes premiered on Disney Channel before being moved to Disney XD starting with the fifteenth episode. Seventy-nine episodes were produced over two seasons; an additional eleven shorts bridge the first and the second season. [1]

Season 1

August 16, 2013 - December 4th, 2014

Episode Number Number In Season Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date U.S Viewers (Millions)
1 1 "The Picnic" Eddie Trigueros Ben Joseph August 16, 2013 2.89
Lord Hater's battle against Emperor Awesome for ultimate cosmic power is continually disrupted when Wander has a picnic right next to the battleground.
2 2 "The Greatest" Dave Thomas & Craig McCracken Craig McCracken & Ben Joseph September 13th, 2013 3.13
Lord Hater competes against Wander in a series of challenges to see if he is the greatest in the galaxy.
3 3 "The Egg" Eddie Trigueros Lauren Faust & Craig McCracken September 13th, 2013 3.13
Wander and Sylvia try to return an egg to a nest belonging to a beast who Wander thinks is the egg's mother.
4 4 "The Fugitives" Dave Thomas Lauren Faust & Johanna Stein September 20th, 2013 2.82
Wander and Sylvia become wanted fugitives and Sylvia's escape plans constantly fail when Wander ignores them to help someone.
5 5 "The Good Deed" Eddie Trigueros Tim McKeon September 27th, 2013 2.15
Every time Wander does a good deed, it causes something bad to happen as a result.
6 6 "The Pet" Dave Thomas & Eddie Trigueros Ben Joseph & Greg White October 4th, 2013 2.54
Wander and Sylvia board an abandoned spaceship and encounter a horrifying alien monster that is bent on eating them. Wander names it Captain Tim. Sylvia sees the wild beast as a threat but Wander takes a liking to the ferocious little monster and tries to train it to be his pet.
7 7 "The Prisoner" Dave Thomas Lauren Faust & Greg White October 11th, 2013 2.19
Peepers takes Wander prisoner on Lord Hater's ship, but Wander gets loose so Peepers must re-catch him before Lord Hater finds out.
8 8 "The Bad Guy" Eddie Trigueros Ben Joseph October 18th, 2013 2.23
Wander and Sylvia land in a town inhabited by bad guys and pretend to be bad themselves so they can get to safety.
9 9 "The Troll" Dave Thomas Lauren Faust & Greg White November 1st, 2013 2.77
Prince Cashmere and his goat warriors of Baaaaa-halla work to fight a menacing troll, but Wander sits out.
10 10 "The Box" Dave Thomas Tim McKeon November 15th, 2013 1.91
Wander and Sylvia are asked to deliver a closed box, but Wander can't stop obsessing over opening it.
11 11 "The Hat" Eddie Trigueros Lauren Faust & Johanna Stein November 22nd, 2013 2.20
Wander gets lost while he and Sylvia are being chased by a giant worm and Sylvia uses Wander's hat in an attempt to find him.
12 12 "The Little Guy" Lauren Faust & Craig McCracken Lauren Faust & Ben Joseph December 6th, 2013 2.36
The smallest Watchdog, Westley, is left behind while on a hunt for Wander and Sylvia and holds them both prisoner until he can get them to Lord Hater. Wander believes he can befriend Westley and teach him another way of life.
13 13 "The Ball" Eddie Trigueros Ben Joseph January 10th, 2014 2.04
Wander and Sylvia help the inhabitants of a planet defend themselves from a giant cosmic dog that mistakes the planet for a ball.
14 14 "The Bounty" Dave Thomas Matt Chapman January 24th, 2014 2.29
Lord Hater hires three bounty hunters to capture Wander and Sylvia, but Commander Peepers tries to stop them so he can have all the glory for himself.
15 15 "The Hero" Dave Thomas Ben Joseph March 31st, 2014 0.35
Wander and Sylvia work with Sir Brad Starlight to fulfill Wander's fairytale dreams of rescuing a princess.
16 16 "The Birthday Boy" Eddie Trigueros Ben Joseph March 31st, 2014 0.35
Wander is determined to turn Lord Hater's Doom Arena into the ultimate party palace for his birthday party, but Lord Hater wants to see Wander cower in fear.
17 17 "The Nice Guy" Eddie Trigueros Ben Joseph June 10th, 2014 0.37
Wander's politeness and urge to help everyone makes a simple task much more complicated than it should be.
18 18 "The Time Bomb" Dave Thomas Matt Chapman June 10th, 2014 0.37
Wander enters Sylvia in the Galactic Conjunction 6000 but her competitive nature gets the better of her.
19 19 "The Tourist" Dave Thomas Johanna Stein June 11th, 2014 0.42
Wander tries to outdo an elderly tourist who has seen more of the universe than he has.
20 20 "The Day" Dave Thomas Ben Joseph June 16th, 2014 0.23
Sylvia wakes up imprisoned on Lord Hater's ship with a sleeping Wander and must fight her way to freedom.
21 21 "The Night" Eddie Trigueros Ben Joseph June 16th, 2014 0.23
Wander must prevent a sleeping Sylvia from waking up during the night.
22 22 "The Lonely Planet" Eddie Trigueros Johanna Stein June 17th, 2014 0.29
A lonely planet named Janet tries to keep Wander to herself.
23 23 "The Brainstorm" Dave Thomas Ben Joseph June 17th, 2014 0.29
Lord Hater and Commander Peepers brainstorm plans to stop Wander and Sylvia and invade a planet.
24 24 "The Toddler" Dave Thomas Johanna Stein June 23rd, 2014 0.40
Wander and Sylvia try to return a giant lost baby to its parents, but their attempts are complicated by their different parenting methods.
25 25 "The Fancy Party" Eddie Trigueros Tim McKeon June 24th, 2014 0.47
Lord Hater competes for the affections of an alien queen in order to inherit her army and take over the universe.
26 26 "The Epic Quest Of Unfathomble Difficulty" Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones & Amy Higgins June 30th, 2014 0.33
Wander finds a lost sock and forces Sylvia join him on a quest to return it to its owner.
27 27 "The Void" Dave Thomas Ben Joseph June 30th, 2014 0.33
Wander and Sylvia go into a place where anything can happen. When Wander doesn't want to leave, Sylvia tries to convince him to return home.
28 28 "The Party Animal" Eddie Trigueros Tim McKeon July 19th, 2014 0.26
Sylvia attempts to prevent Emperor Awesome from destroying a planet with his partying and stop Wander from joining the party.
29 29 "The Gift 2: The Giftening" Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones & Amy Higgins October 4th, 2014 (Disney Channel) 2.02
Gifts start mysteriously appearing on Lord Hater's ship, turning the Watchdogs into zombies. Lord Hater and Commander Peepers must escape and avoid the gift donor.
30 30 "The Date" Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones & Amy Higgins October 17th, 2014 0.14
Lord Hater gets stood up by his date so he decides to destroy her planet. Wander convinces Sylvia to disguise herself and go on a date with Hater in order to save the planet.
31 31 "The Buddies" Dave Thomas Ben Joseph & Ryan Walls October 17th, 2014 0.14
Lord Hater has to pretend to be Wander's buddy when they both get trapped in Hater's own prison dimension.
32 32 "The Liar" Dave Thomas Frank Angones, Mike Chapman, Lauren Faust & Amy Higgins November 7th, 2014 0.38
Wander guides a family of alien birds through the perils of an active volcano.
33 33 "The Stray" Dave Thomas Ben Joseph & Johanna Stein November 7th, 2014 0.38
Wander goes out of his way to help a cute little kitten, Little Bits but Sylvia is suspicious.
34 34 "The Big Job" Eddie Trigueros Eric Rogers November 14th, 2014 0.47
Sylvia is recruited by a rebel commando team to help steal Lord Hater's latest secret weapon.
35 35 "The Helper" Aaron Springer Aaron Springer November 14th, 2014 0.47
Wander is unable to find anybody who actually needs his help.
36 36 "The Funk" Eddie Trigueros Darrick Bachman & Ben Joseph November 25th, 2014 0.47
Lord Hater turns to bullying the universe just to make himself feel better.
37 37 "The Enemies" Eddie Trigueros Ben Joseph November 25th, 2014 0.47
Lord Hater and Sir Brad Starlight team up to catch Wander.
38 38 "The Rider" Dave Thomas & Eddie Trigeuros Frank Angones, Amy Higgins & Ben Joseph November 28th, 2014 0.51
When Sylvia's old partner Ryder shows up, Wander wonders if the roguish Rider makes a better teammate for Sylvia than he does.
39 39 "The Gift" Dave Thomas Frank Angones & Amy Higgins December 4th, 2014 0.59
Wander and Sylvia give everyone, even Lord Hater and his Watchdogs, gifts.


July 20th 2015 - August 15th 2015

Number Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date
1 "The First Take" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson July 20th, 2015
Lord Hater attempts to destroy Wander on live TV, but Wander gives a few shout-outs to his friends across the galaxy.
2 "The Smile" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson July 21st, 2015
In the second take of his address to the galaxy, Lord Hater instructs Wander not to talk. His address goes off without a hitch, until he notices Wander's goofy smile.
3 "The Killjoy" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson July 22nd, 2015
Commander Peepers catches Lord Hater making his address and about to destroy Wander.
4 "The Theme Song" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson & Todd Casey July 23rd, 2015
Lord Hater has difficulty singing his own theme song.
5 "The Bathroom Break" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson & Todd Casey July 24th, 2015
Wander escapes while Lord Hater is in the bathroom.
6 "The Planetary Conqueror" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson & Todd Casey July 27th, 2015
Lord Hater keeps forgetting his line and Wander tries to help.
7 "The Sharpshooter" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson & Todd Casey July 28th, 2015
Lord Hater successfully completes his speech. He finally attempts to destroy Wander, but cannot quite hit the target.
8 "The Glitch" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson & Todd Casey July 29th, 2015
Lord Hater's broadcast gets disrupted by technical issues.
9 "The Caller" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson & Todd Casey July 30th, 2015
Hater gives a shortened version of his speech, but Sylvia suddenly phones him to tell him that she's about to rescue Wander.
10 "The Whatever" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson & Todd Casey July 31st, 2015
Wander hijacks Lord Hater's broadcast.
11 "The Big Finish" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson & Todd Casey August 3rd, 2015
Lord Hater's broadcast is interrupted by Emperor Awesome.

Season 2

August 3rd, 2015 - June 27th, 2016

Episode Number Number in Season Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date U.S Viewers (Millions)
40 1 "The Greater Hater" Dave Thomas & Eddie Triguero Mark Ackland, Riccardo Durante & Juston Nichols August 3rd, 2015 0.61
A new and powerful villain named Lord Dominator proves to be a truly dangerous threat to the galaxy, turning Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Commander Peepers' world upside down.
41 2 "The Big Day" Dave Thomas Ben Joseph August 10th, 2015 0.43
Lord Hater has his chance to destroy Wander and Sylvia, but when Wander convinces him it should be a perfect doomsday, Hater tries to find a way to make the event more special.
42 3 "The Breakfast" Dave Thomas Amy Higgins & Craig McCracken August 10th, 2015 0.43
Wander and Lord Hater each struggle in their own way to make breakfast.
43 4 "The Fremergency Fronfract" Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones August 17th, 2015 0.33
Wander and Sylvia go to the dentist to pick up Lord Hater, who is under the effects of the anesthetic. In the midst of this, Wander tries to show Hater that being good isn't all that bad.
44 5 "The Boy Wander" Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones August 17th, 2015 0.33
In this parody of the 1960s Batman TV series, Wander seeks to thwart Dr. Screwball Jones, an old archenemy from his past, who wants to force the galaxy to be happy.
45 6 "The Wanders" Dave Thomas Scott Peterson & Craig McCracken August 31st, 2015 0.38
Wander is split into multiple parts of his personality and Sylvia must decide if there are parts of her pal she can do without.
46 7 "The Axe" Dave Thomas Mike Yank August 31st, 2015 0.38
After blaming Commander Peepers for their most recent failures, Lord Hater fires him.
47 8 "The Loose Screw" Eddie Trigueros Amy Higgins & Craig McCracken September 28th, 2015 0.56
Wander and Sylvia are stuck between stopping a planetary invasion and helping an elderly lady fix her broken-down ship.
48 9 "The It" Dave Thomas Frank Angones September 28th, 2015 0.56
To work his way up the Galactic Villain Leaderboard, Lord Hater plans to invade a planet, but is distracted when he becomes involved in Wander's game of tag.
49 10 "The Cool Guy" Eddie Trigueros Todd Casey October 5th, 2015 0.38
Lord Hater ditches Commander Peepers to party with Emperor Awesome.
50 11 "The Catastrophe" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson October 5th, 2015 0.38
Sylvia discovers Wander's new obsession with funny cat videos is part of a more fiendish viral plot.
51 12 "The Rager" Eddie Trigueros Nate Federman & Craig McCracken October 19th, 2015 0.41
Lord Hater tries to crash a party Wander is throwing for his prisoners.
52 13 "The Good Bad Guy" Eddie Trigueros Todd Casey October 19th, 2015 0.41
Lord Hater meets his villainous idol, Major Threat.
53 14 "The Battle Royale" Dave Thomas & Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones & Amy Higgins October 26th, 2015 0.70
Upon discovering that Lord Dominator is a girl, Wander attempts to set her up with Lord Hater and inadvertently sparks a massive rumble among every villain in the galaxy.
54 15 "The Matchmaker" Eddie Trigueros Amy Higgins November 9th, 2015 0.47
Wander stumbles upon Lord Hater's unopened love letter to Lord Dominator and Sylvia tries to prevent him from delivering it.
55 16 "The New Toy" Dave Thomas Ben Joseph November 9th, 2015 0.47
Commander Peepers' efforts to take down Lord Dominator are thwarted when Lord Hater attempts to woo her with his new "vehicle."
56 17 "The Black Cube" Dave Thomas Frank Angones November 16th, 2015 0.36
Wander convinces a down-on-his-luck villain to spend a day looking on the bright side of things instead of collecting the souls of his tormentors.
57 18 "The Eye On The Skullship" Eddie Trigueros Todd Casey November 16th, 2015 0.36
Andy the Watchdog seeks to interview Lord Hater for his video blog.
58 19 "The Secret Planet" Eddie Trigueros Noelle Stevenson January 25th, 2016 0.53
Wander tells white lies that lead to crazy consequences which threaten to reveal a hidden planet to Lord Dominator.
59 20 "The Bad Hatter" Dave Thomas Sam Reigel January 25th, 2016 0.53
Lord Hater steals Wander's hat to impress Lord Dominator.
60 21 "The Hole... Lotta Nuthin" Eddie Trigueros Todd Casey February 1st, 2016 0.34
Wander gets his finger stuck in a black hole and has to pass the time while Sylvia tries to find a suitable seal.
61 22 "The Show Stopper" Dave Thomas Todd Casey Februrary 1st, 2016 0.34
Lord Hater, with the help of Wander, performs a rock concert to get Lord Dominator's attention, while Sylvia and Commander Peepers try to stop them before it's too late.
62 23 "The Cartoon" Ben Balistreri & Dave Thomas Ben Joseph February 8th, 2016 0.39
Lord Hater orders the Watchdogs to create a propaganda cartoon about his adventures to be the Greatest in the Galaxy.
63 24 "The Bot" Dave Thomas Noelle Stevenson February 8th, 2016 0.39
Lord Dominator instructs her bots to locate planets for her to mine for Volcanium X. Her most efficient henchbot, Bot 13, finds a vacation planet that holds a massive amount of Volcanium X. It then bumps into Wander, who names it Beep Boop and inveigles it into being his travel pal to have fun.
64 25 "The Family Reunion" Eddie Trigueros Amy Higgins Feburary 22nd, 2016 0.51
Sylvia decides that she needs a break from Lord Dominator so she and Wander return home to her family. However, her Ma isn't too thrilled about her return.
65 26 "The Rival" Eddie Trigueros Noelle Stevenson February 22nd, 2016 0.51
When Emperor Awesome enters Lord Dominator's ship, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers question whether they are working together with a secret weapon, or if they are just dating.
66 27 "My Fair Hatey" Dave Thomas, Eddie Trigueros & Justin Nichols Andy Bean, Frank Angones, Amy Higgins February 29th, 2016 0.35
In this musical episode, Lord Hater enlists Wander's help to ask Lord Dominator on a date, while Sylvia and Commander Peepers hatch a plan to disable Dominator's ship with Frostonium.
67 28 "The Legend" Dave Thomas Frank Angones March 7th, 2016 0.47
Wander and Sylvia save a group of kids from a Lord Dominator invasion as the kids tell stories about a familiar mythic hero.
68 29 "The Bad Neighbors" Eddie Trigueros Sam Riegel, Frank Angones & Craig McCracken March 7th, 2016 0.47
Commander Peepers desperately tries to come up with a plan to save the galaxy from Lord Dominator, while Lord Hater obsesses over their jerky new neighbor.
69 30 "The Party Poopers" Dave Thomas & Ben Balistreri Todd Casey April 4th, 2016 0.34
Wander fights a massive case of the giggles while trying to impress a race of beings with unusual faces.
70 31 "The Waste of Time" Eddie Trigueros Rachel Vine April 11th, 2016 0.41
Wander and Sylvia accidentally buy Time Orbbles and Sylvia must keep Wander focused or risk being lost in time forever.
71 32 "The Hot Shot" Dave Thomas Amy Higgins, Frank Angones & Craig McCracken May 30th, 2016 0.19
Sylvia becomes jealous when a new hero that mimics Wander shows up.
72 33 "The Night Out" Eddie Trigueros Noelle Stevenson May 30th, 2016 0.19
While Lord Dominator waits for her suit to update, she disguises herself and goes out to cause chaos. Eventually, she runs into Sylvia, and they spend the night hanging out.
73 34 "The Search For Captain Tim" Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones June 6th, 2016 0.23
Lord Hater's beloved pet, Captain Tim, goes missing. In the midst of searching, he meets Ripov, a hunter of Captain Tim's species, and she helps Hater find him. Little does Hater know, Ripov has other plans for Captain Tim.
74 35 "The Heebie Jeebies" Dave Thomas Todd Casey June 6th, 2016 0.23
Wander and Sylvia go deep into a forest to uncover an ancient power to stop Lord Dominator. However, Wander becomes paranoid when he believes the forest is haunted by a mysterious mime ghost.
75 36 "The Sick Day" Dave Thomas & Ben Balistreri Noelle Stevenson June 13th, 2016 0.27
Wander gets sick so he requests that Sylvia completes his morning routine of helping others for him. However, instead of getting bed rest like Sylvia asked him to do, Wander continuously tries to help her with the routine.
76 37 "The Sky Guy" Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones & Amy Higgins June 13th, 2016 0.27
Wander and Sylvia search for a weapon to stop Lord Dominator in an enchanted shop owned by a wizard named Neckbeard. In the midst of searching, Wander comes across an orb with a planet of many small aliens inside, and he tries to set them free from the orb without Neckbeard noticing.
77 38 "The Robomechabotatron" Dave Thomas Sam Riegel June 20th, 2016 0.41
Wander must get himself, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Commander Peepers to work together to successfully activate the Robomechabotatron, a robot that can help stop Lord Dominator.
78 39 "The Flower" Eddie Trigueros Rachel Vine June 20th, 2016 0.41
With so many planets destroyed by Lord Dominator, Wander and Sylvia start to lose hope in saving the galaxy from her. In order to regain their hope, they try to take care of the one living thing any planet around them had to offer: a flower.
79 40 "The End Of The Galaxy" Dave Thomas & Eddie Trigueros Frank Angones June 27th, 2016 0.43
With the secret planet being the only planet left in the entire galaxy, Sylvia leads a resistance to stop Lord Dominator once and for all. Lord Hater, Commander Peepers, and the Watchdogs help the resistance so that they can begin conquering the galaxy again. Meanwhile, Wander tries to figure out why Dominator is so evil in the first place, and tries to become friends with her.