The Cancelled Livestream

A SaveWOY Livestream was planned to be held by Peepsqueak on Twitch from the 25 - 27th June 2016. The plan was to attract more people to the show to help boost rating for the finale that would premiere on the 27th June 2016. However the livestream was cancelled due to another fan hosting a SaveWOY stream on the same days and so to avoid splitting the fans up into two separate streams.

The stream on the Picarto SaveWOYStream went ahead instead. Showing all of the episodes and shorts of Wander Over Yonder up to 'The Flower'.

The Second SaveWOY Livestream

A second attempt at a SaveWOY livestream is currently being planned by Peepsqueak. It will be hosted on Peepsqueak's Picarto sometime before the end of October 2016. It will be split up into two or three days and all of the episodes from both seasons and the shorts will be shown. SaveWOY competitions will also be hosted in the chat box, all designed to help promote the show and the campaign.