Operation Fan Boom

Operation Fan Boom was created and is being run by Mod Hater of the SaveWOY Tumblr. The idea of Fan Boom is to collect videos, photos and fanart relating to SaveWOY then compile them into one large video that will be sent to Disney. [1]

The deadline for Operation Fan Boom is August 31st.

How To Participate

Fans are encouraged to either:

Take photos of themselves holding a SaveWOY sign in front of an easily recognised landmark.

Video themselves with a SaveWOY sign and saying "Save Wander Over Yonder" this can also be spoken in the fans' native tongue.

Submit their own fanart with SaveWOY clearly written on it somewhere.

Perform a song from Wander Over Yonder or act out a scene from an episode.

Be creative. As long as it gets the point across about the fan's love for Wander Over Yonder, and the submission is polite and appropriate it'll be accepted.

Submissions must be emailed to by August 31st.


  1. The Information Post About Operation Fan Boom