The SaveWOY Raffle

One of the SaveWOY DeviantART moderators, ShikaxTem held a very generous raffle in order to promote the SaveWOY campaign.

The deadline for the raffle was August 31st, 2015.

How To Enter

Requirement 1

In order to enter the raffle, fans must post one comment on the Nostalgia Critic discussion board, asking him to review Wander Over Yonder. [1]

Requirement 2

Fans must also mail one letter to any of the following Disney Executives, Gary Marsh, Eric Coleman, Ben Sherwood, Marc Buhaj or Robert A. Iger. A photo must be taken of the stamped, addressed envelope and sent to Alicia-lvn or ShikaxTem along with your Youtube and Tumblr or DeviantART username.

One raffle ticket entry will be added for each letter so send lots of letters for a higher chance of winning. [2]

The Prizes

The Winner - $500 dollars

Runner Up - A choice of one Wander Over Yonder t-shirt from RedBubble

Second Runner Up - Wander Over Yonder character stickers

The Winners

Alicia-lvn announced the winners on September 1st, 2016.[3]

1st place - Beautifuluniverse98

Runner up - Margo-sama

Second runner up - Amyostosis


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