SaveWOY Social Media


The SaveWOY facebook page is where fans can share savewoy related content, discussions, fanart of the show and it is regularly updates with news.

Moderated by Mod Peepers, Sylvia and Cube.


The SaveWOY twitter account is regularly updated with news about the campaign and it used to tweet at Disney XD.

Moderated by Mod Sylvia.


The SaveWOY Tumblr was the first and biggest SaveWOY website. It is regularly updated with news, projects, fanart and answeres questions about SaveWOY.

Moderated by Mods Wander, Hater, Peepers, Cube and Sylvia.


The DeviantART page mostly deals with SaveWOY fanart but also has regular journal updates on SaveWOY news.

Moderated by Mods Wander and Hater, Frigg-Fluff, ShikaxTem, Thewanderingweirdo and Tsuenica

Peepsqueak's Tumblr

Peepsqueak is the founder of SaveWOY and their blog is mostly SaveWOY based, posting about new ideas, SaveWOY updates and current projects.


Encourage Disney to approve Wander Over Yonder Season 3

Currently has 35,000+ supporters. Created by Gemma Cummins.

Tell Disney to bring Wander Over Yonder back for a 3rd season

Currently has 3,000+ supporters. Created by Mario Clinton.

Wander Over Yonder Season 3 deserves a chance

Currently has 300+ supporters. Created by Royal Macintosh.

Bring Wander Over Yonder back for Season 3

Currently has 500+ supporters. Created by Javier H.

Don't cancel Wander Over Yonder

Currently has 1,000+ supporters.

Save Disney Shows

SaveWOY Save Disney Shows website.

The SaveWOY SDS website has information on current fan projects, addresses for the Disney executives, information on how fans can help and is regularly updated with news.

Run by Orbaljuice and Thefandump.

The WOY Crew's Tumblr Accounts

Craig McCracken

The creator of Wander Over Yonder.

Tumblr: Crackmccraigen

Dave Thomas

Producer, Supervising Director of Wander Over Yonder.

Tumblr: Owner-of-Wendys

Frank Angones

Story Editor of Wander Over Yonder.

Tumblr: suspendersofdisbelief

Eddie Trigueros

Director on Wander Over Yonder.

Tumblr: atalkingmagpie

Ben Balistreri

Storyboard Artist on Wander Over Yonder.

Tumblr: Benbalistreri

Andy Bean

Composer and in-house enthusiastic Amateur Vocalist on Wander Over Yonder.

Tumblr: Noveltymusicservices