Wander and Sylvia land in a town inhabited by bad guys and pretend to be bad themselves so they can get to safety.





Papa Doom

Badlands Dan



Sylvia: Don't you know where we are? This is Doomstone, refuge for the meanest, nastiest outlaws in the galaxy. You can't just walk in there asking for orbble juice. They'll tear you apart.
Wander: What if I ask *real nice*?

Oink: He stole my ride!

Sylvia: You stole from those guys?!
Wander drops the tough guy act and removes his fake moustache

Wander: Yeah... should I give it back?

Sylvia trades Papa Doom a bag of crystals for orbble juice

Sylvia: See? We're all sensible but evil folks here. Now we have our juice and you have your-
Papa Doom: Bag of rocks?!

Wander: I switched the bags! Now we have the crystals, and the juice! Pretty bad, huh?

Sylvia: Look, we're not bad guys. We were acting bad to try to blend in. We're just lost travelers who need some help, and we're very sorry for all the trouble we caused. Could ya find it in your hearts to help us out?

The bad guys look at one another, unsure
Bad Guys: ...NO!
Oink: We don't help strangers.

Papa Doom: And we ain't got hearts!


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Story by

Lauren Faust, Ben Joseph, Alex Kirwan, Craig McCracken, Tim McKeon, Johanna Stein & Greg White.

Written by

Ben Joseph

Storyboard by

Riccardo Durante

Directed by

Eddie Trigueros

With the voice talents of

Jack McBrayer as Wander

April Winchell as Sylvia & Oink

Clancy Brown as Badlands Dan

Kevin Michael Richardson as Papa Doom

Tom Kenny as the Two-Headed Bartender

Ending Animatic

Wander stomps through the scene growling, as Sylvia follows him.