Wander and Sylvia become wanted fugitives and Sylvia's escape plans constantly fail when Wander ignores them to help someone.






Balloon Man

Rock Lady


Wander: When I see someone who's a-needing, I just gotta help! It gives me this feeling that starts down in my left toe, rises up through my gutty works, makes my heart all warm and toasty, goes up past the dangly thing in my mouth.

Sylvia: Uvula.

Wander: And ends at the top of my head! It just feels so good.

Sylvia: You rescued a baby, you saved a man's life, you stopped a thousand year war. I get it, you're a helpful guy.

Wander: Oh Sylvia. You're making me blush.

Sylvia: But you are going to helpful us to death! Please, no more helping, and if you must help someone, then help me help us to get outta here.

Wander: Sylvia, you're glowing!
Sylvia: This? I think that's from the radioactive sewage.

Wander: See? That's the other nice thing about helping folks. Sometimes they help ya right back.


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Story by

Ben Joseph, Lauren Faust, Alex Kirwan, Craig McCracken, Johanna Stein & Greg White.

Written by

Lauren Faust & Johanna Stein.

Storyboard by

Mark Ackland

Directed by

Dave Thomas

With the voice talents of

Jack McBrayer as Wander

April Winchell as Sylvia & Rock Lady

Tom Kenny as Balloon Man, Watchdogs.

Additional Voices

Keith Ferguson & Fred Tatasciore as Watchdogs.

Ending Animatic

Wander watches the two ants fighting, while a Watchdog attempts to fight Sylvia, resulting in him getting punched away.

The Fugitives End Credits Animatic

The Fugitives End Credits Animatic