Wander gets lost while he and Sylvia are being chased by a giant worm and Sylvia uses Wander's hat in an attempt to find him.






Sylvia: Why won't this overgrown sun visor give me what I want!?
Wander: Funny thing, Sylvi. You see, over the years I've learned that this hat doesn't give you what you want; it gives you what you need.

Sylvia: [To the hat] Look, I know we've had our problems. You hate me, and grop knows I hate you, but this is Wander we are talking about, he's our friend, and I will do whatever it takes to help him. So do your thing and give me what I need to save Wander.

Sylvia: Wander!

Wander: Hi Sylvia!

Sylvia: You're alive! You're alive! So that means that you, and the worm, and the falling into the, and the hat, the hat! [blows the hat a kiss] was giving me exactly what I needed to find you! Oh! I love this hat!

Sylvia: I hate that hat.



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Story by

Lauren Faust , Ben Joseph , Alex Kirwan , Craig McCracken , Tim McKeon , Johanna Stein , Dave Thomas & Greg White

Written by

Lauren Faust & Johanna Stein

Storyboard by

Vaughn Tada & Eddie Trigueros

Directed by

Eddie Trigueros

With the voice talents of

Jack McBrayer as Wander

April Winchell as Sylvia

Additional Voices

Kevin Michael Richardson

Fred Tatasciore

April Winchell

Ending Animatic

The worm has a hard time trying to throw up Wander and Sylvia.

The Hat Ending Animatic

The Hat Ending Animatic