The smallest Watchdog, Westley, is left behind while on a hunt for Wander and Sylvia and holds them both prisoner until he can get them to Lord Hater. Wander believes he can befriend Westley and teach him another way of life.





Lord Hater

Commander Peepers




Westley: Oh man, what if I captured them? Can you imagine? I bet I'd get to meet Lord Hater, himself.

Watchdog: Yeah, he'll probably give you a medal or something.
The Watchdogs all laugh

Westley: A medal! My whole life would be complete!

Wander: Poor little fella, he'd never make it out here all by his lonesome, especially with the weather changing real soon, boink boink.

Wander: [Checking over Westley] Out of the way! I'm not a doctor! Pulse? Pulsing. Heart? Yearning. Blood pressure? Two-thousand over thirteen. Eye? Beautiful. Reflexes? Flexy. Step aside! This man needs CPR!

Wander: Well how about that? Turns out that sometimes your enemy's not such a bad guy after all.

Wander: Westley, we're helping you 'cause you're our friend. We like you. Right Sylvia?
Sylvia: Huh? Oh! Yeah, yeah! You're a pretty ok guy y'know... when you're asleep.

Lord Hater: Today we honour our bad friend, Westley. We did not know him long.

Peepers: [Whispering to Hater] He's been working here for three years.
Lord Hater: We knew him several years and never before had a Watchdog displayed such malice, such contempt, [starts to cry] such cruelty. He single handedly captured my most hated enemies. We- We may never know what happened to him. But we will- we will always know, he truly was a bad guy! [sobbing] Don't look at me!

Lord Hater runs from the stage, crying



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Story by

Lauren Faust , Ben Joseph , Alex Kirwan , Craig McCracken , Tim McKeon , Johanna Stein & Greg White.

Written by

Lauren Faust & Ben Joseph

Storyboard by

Mark Ackland, Chris Houghton & Justin Nichols

Directed by

Lauren Faust & Craig McCracken

With the voice talents of

Jack McBrayer as Wander

April Winchell as Sylvia

Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater

Tom Kenny as Commander Peepers

Aziz Ansari as Westley

Ending Animatic

Peepers comforts Lord Hater as he cries over Westley, but then Hater reveals that he is actually crying because Wander and Sylvia got away and doesn't even know who Westley is.

The Little Guy Animatic

The Little Guy Animatic