The #SaveWOY Petition


In order to attract and gather supporters, SaveWOY petitions were set up almost immediately after Craig McCracken's announcement of the show's cancelation on Tumblr. [1] The petition on set up by Gemma Cummins (Peepsqueak) [2] and Kiddoryder [3] managed to attract the most supporters and became the biggest SaveWOY petition. [4]

The petition currently has 35,000+ supporters.

A Shooting Start

After the petition was created, the hashtag #SaveWOY was made to accompany it and spread across social media in an attempt to bring together WOY's fans and spread interest in the campaign. [5] The hashtag became popular on the blogging website, It has also been seen on Twitter, DeviantART, Youtube, Facebook, VK, google+ and more.

A Wander Over Yonder t-shirt giveaway was held on Tumblr to promote the petition after it was set up. This gave it a large boost in signatures and it overtook the other petitions. The petition reached 5000 signatures within the first four days.

The SaveWOY Supporters Map

SaveWOY Petition Supporter World Map

The first 5000 petition supporters were marked on a map based on what country they lived in. [6] The map was created with scribblemaps. It served to show Disney that Wander Over Yonder had fans from all around the globe. Originally the map showed supporter's full names but due to concerns over privacy the names were shortened to initials.

Reaching 7,000 supporters and the crew's gratitude

Upon reaching 7,000 supporters on March 13th 2016, Craig McCracken tweeted [7]:

"Best of luck everyone on your petition & a sincere tip of our floppy hats from the entire Wander crew. Thanks!
I have no idea if it will make a difference but we are all so sincerely touched that you want us to keep going."

10,000 supporters

On March 24th 2016 the petition reached 10,000 signatures. The petition attracted the attention of Cartoon Brew who promoted it on their Twitter feed [8] and also the crew of Wander Over Yonder themselves.

Craig McCracken reblogged the 10,000 supporter milestone post on his Tumblr page [9] adding:

"Wow! Congratulations and thank you guys. Your support means a lot to us."
Every 1000 signatures warrants a milestone update report on Peepsqueak's Tumblr.[10] Some of the WOY crew on Tumblr have been spotted liking and reblogging these milestone posts.

20,000 supporters


The next milestone, 20,000, was reached on May 30th 2016.

Reaching 25,000 supporters and the first petition delivery

The original goal for the petition was set as 25,000 supporters, which it achieved on June 19th 2016. Craig reblogged the milestone post [11] and added:

"Wow this is seriously impressive! Thank you all so much for the support."
Upon reaching the goal the signature list was emailed to Disney Executive, Gary Marsh. In order to ensure that the petition reached him it was also emailed to WOY's creator Craig McCracken and Producer and Supervising Director, Dave Thomas who then passed it on to Disney.

35,000 supporters

The petition reached 35,000 supporters on August 12th 2016.

The official petition delivery

The petition was officially delivered to both Gary Marsh and Marc Buhaj on two separate flash drives on July 22nd 2016. [12] It is believed that the two are still currently in possession of them as they have not been sent back. The flash drives consisted of the petition signature list, supporter comments and map and various fan-works submitted by fans of the show. At the time of the delivery, the petition had 33,729 signatures.

Talking on the subject of the petition delivery and fan's efforts, Craig McCracken commented [13]:

"Thanks so much for the support of Wander over Yonder. I really do hope Disney pays attention to how much this show means to so many people around the world. Even though many of the crew has moved on to other projects I know that we would jump at the chance to keep telling Wander's story if given the opportunity. Thanks again, you guys are the best!"

The future

The petition is currently making its way towards 36,000 signatures. The next milestone goal for the petition is 50,000 supporters. Once 50,000 has been achieved, the second petition delivery will take place if the show has not been renewed by then.

The other SaveWOY petitions

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