Prince Cashmere and his goat warriors of Baaaaa-halla work to fight a menacing troll, but Wander sits out.





Prince Cashmere



There is the sound of someone knocking the castle door

Wander:Um, you gonna get the door?
Cashmere: To arms!
The Warriors rush around and grab their weapons

Sylvia: Guess they don't like solicitors.

Wander: What an adorable little troll!

Troll: You call that hitting? It feels like sweet little kisses.

Warrior 1: [gasps] I would never kiss anyone! Except someone who I admired and respected. And ONLY after we have dated for quite a while!
Warrior 2: Yah! Kissing is very intimate!

Warrior 3: I'm saving my first kiss for my special someone. Not you!

Troll: Nice beard! Did your little sister braid it for you?
Warrior: Ahhh! As a matter of fact she did, ya, and she did a very good job. She is a talented braider and I am very proud of her!

Troll: Your Mom is ugly!

Warrior 1: You are such a meanie!
Troll: Your dad is ugly!
Warrior 2: Nuh uh!
Troll: Your great aunt twice removed is ugly!

Warrior 3: Wash your mouth out with soap!

Sylvia: Dude! Just ignore the guy. You getting all upset just makes him stronger.

Wander: Yeah. Don't feed...

Cashmere: [Realisation] The Troll.


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Story by

Lauren Faust, Ben Joseph, Craig McCracken, Tim McKeon, Johanna Stein & Greg White.

Written by

Lauren Faust & Greg White

Storyboard by

Chris Houghton, Justin Nichols, Vaughn Tada & Dave Thomas.

Directed by

Dave Thomas

With the voice talents of

Jack McBrayer as Wander

April Winchell as Sylvia

Bill Fagerbakke as Cashmere

Keith Ferguson as the Troll

Ending Animatic

The troll struggles to open the lock on the door to the castle.

The Troll Animatic

The Troll Animatic