Tumblr user Dontgetusedtoit has invented a Wander Over Yonder Creativity Challenge for October and Halloween on Tumblr.

How do I get involved?

A different prompt is given for every day in October and fans are to create something based on that prompt (a drawing, fanfiction, animation, etc) then post their creation on that day.

The Prompts

  1. Fall Festival
  2. Hot Cocoa
  3. Monster Monday #1: Wander
  4. Favorite Candy
  5. Werewolf
  6. Maze
  7. Phobia Friday #1: Wander
  8. Decorations
  9. Haunted Mansion
  10. Monster Monday #2: Sylvia
  11. Baking
  12. Vampire
  13. Favorite Spooky WOY Character
  14. Phobia Friday #2: Sylvia
  15. Scary Movie Marathon
  16. Watchdog Costume Party
  17. Monster Monday #3: Peepers
  18. Caramel Apples
  19. Ghosts
  20. Favorite Spooky WOY Episode
  21. Phobia Friday #3: Peepers
  22. Campfire Horror Stories
  23. Pumpkin Carving
  24. Monster Monday #4: Lord Hater
  25. Candy Corn
  26. Witches
  27. Trending 27th (Check Peepsqueak‘s blog on October for that month’s theme!)
  28. Phobia Friday #4: Lord Hater
  29. Murder Mystery Dinner Party
  30. Halloween in the Skullship
  31. Trick or Treating

Further Information

"Monster Monday are for reimagining that week’s character as a monster of your choice, while Phobia Friday’s are for exploring any fears that character may have, be they as silly or as serious as you’d like them to be! Be sure to tag as #woytober so others can see what you made for the challenge, and remember this is all in good fun; you don’t have to post for all of the days if you don’t want to!"[1]